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A Unique Sound for your story

Every project has a unique story to tell, a different perspective to share, that grows and develops into a special experience for the audience. Whether it's a film, a video game, a podcast, or an audiobook, music is an integral part of that experience, and I am committed to discovering and creating the sound that will enhance your story.

Working with me is hassle-free: just fill in details of your project and what you're looking for, and I'll be in touch with you shortly. Or if you like, click below to listen to some of the music I've written.

Other music projects

Other than music for the screen, I regularly write for concert music as well, working with ensembles such as the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Ding Yi Music Company, The Purple Symphony and Ensemble de la Belle Musique to create both arrangements and original compositions.

I love collaborating and creating music for various mediums, and have done so for poetry and story-telling. Click below to read more about projects I've worked on in the past!

resources for young pianists

Having benefited greatly from excellent music education and having taught many young musicians, I know firsthand the many advantages as well as challenges to a good music education. 

Here I have made accessible some of the compositions and arrangements I have worked on with my students, as well as new ones that I will periodically publish here.


Music is, to me, a way of documenting, reflecting on and responding to life. I love collaborating with others and working on their visions, just as I enjoy documenting my own journey through music.


Ilvrant Music is a space I carved out in 2020 where I can create and explore musical ideas, work on passion projects, and document my struggles as I figure out this complex little thing called life, all while sharing it with you, my fellow music-lovers.

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