Yvonne Teo is a Singapore-born pianist, composer and arranger. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Yvonne recently completed a BMus degree in Film Scoring summa cum laude. She now continues her musical journey back home introducing young, inquiring minds to the world of music.


As a student of film scoring, Yvonne relished the opportunity not only to compose and produce original music of various styles, but also to conduct a live studio orchestra and collaborate with her fellow musicians to realise her musical ideas. Known for its rich background in jazz and more recently the attitude of embracing a wide variety of music, Berklee also provided Yvonne with the opportunity to study jazz improvisation under pianist Bob Winter while being tutored personally on conducting by Isaiah Jackson.


Her experience at Berklee only affirmed her view of music as a broad, holistic field of study. Back home, while under the tutelage of Benjamin Loh, Yvonne also thoroughly enjoyed studying ethnic instruments in the Chinese orchestra, as well as singing and accompanying in her school choirs. Taking a cue from her education under these musical greats, Yvonne believes in encouraging students to explore different musical styles and nurturing a deep love for music that extends beyond training technical dexterity. While technique is often a goal, the ability to pick up a favourite tune by ear or to improvise on a chosen instrument is equally important to a musician, and all of these fall behind love and appreciation for music.


When she’s not poring over music – in various forms – with children, Yvonne can be found improvising original, impromptu music on the keyboard or working on her album, a collaboration with friends slated for release next year.


Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are held on an hourly basis at my home studio in Toa Payoh. I offer both formal lessons preparing students for classical graded exams and competitions, as well as informal leisure lessons, which will equip you or your child to improvise on the piano, as well as read and interpret chords from a lead sheet or recording. 

Composition Lessons

Composition lessons are offered on an hourly basis for individuals as well as school programmes. I specialise in composition for media (film, TV, video games, radio dramas) - students can expect to learn skills in composing with a digital workstation, which allows them to hear their compositions before contacting live players, as well as orchestration and using electronic elements. Please click here to listen to music I have composed.

Music Theory and Aural Lessons

Music Theory and Aural lessons are held on an hourly basis at my home studio in Toa Payoh. This course will be useful for students in the Music Elective Programme (MEP) as well as students interested in taking ABRSM graded theory or performance exams. Lessons focusing specifically on only music theory or only aural skills are also available.

Piano Accompaniment

Piano accompaniment services are offered for musicians who play various instruments, including orchestral instruments, voice and Chinese instruments. At least one rehearsal before an exam or competition is recommended for advanced students, and for inexperienced players, more rehearsals are advised and can be arranged. Rehearsals can range from thirty minutes to an hour long depending on the level and repertoire.

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