KO-FI CHANNEL (coming soon)

What is Ilvrant Music?

Ilvrant Music is a creative space I have started that will house my weekly piano improvisation projects, vlogs of my creative process, and everything in between.

What kind of music will you be playing on this channel?

All sorts! But probably primarily folk tunes, hymns, jazz standards, piano covers of soundtracks and pop on the piano, and orchestral, acoustic and hybrid tracks for my composition challenge projects.

Why did you start Ilvrant Music?

It started off as an idea to record and upload piano renditions of carols as Christmas came up, which then burgeoned into recording hymns, folk tunes, jazz standards, soundtracks, and pop songs - all of which I've been playing in my spare time, but was always too lazy (oops) to record. Then came the idea to document my creative struggles and random challenges in an effort to gamify the challenging parts of my life, and keep music fun for myself - and this is the result!

Who is Ilvrant Music for?

Anybody! Certainly partly for myself, to keep me accountable in taking time to create and explore new things, and working to keep music fun. Documenting my journey makes it easier to look back on the things I've done, but I also just love doing it. But ultimately, I hope to share all these things with anyone who loves the music I love, who is starting out as a composer or just wants to know what it's like, and to serve as a guide to those who are looking for some improvisation tips and tricks.

That's cool, how can I support you?

Thank you! Just subscribing to my YouTube channel and liking my videos would be a huge encouragement to me. If you're a family member or friend who would like to chip in to help pursue my dreams, there are a few cool perks if you join me here at my Ko-Fi channel, and you can commission me for simple musical gifts like lullabies or piano covers there as well.

What is a Ko-Fi channel?

I've started a Ko-Fi channel (again, as part of my tongue-in-cheek accountability programme) which allows anyone to chip in and support me as a musician if they so choose. You can choose to donate just the once, or set up a recurring donation, which would go towards my grad school funding. As a recurring donor, you'd have access to some cool perks, mostly in the form of music scores (sheet music) and silly blooper reels. You'd also be able to commission me for personal projects like transcriptions, piano arrangements, piano covers and lullabies through Ko-Fi.