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Custom music for the screen

Why custom music?

Every single project is unique. Whether a film, a video game, a podcast or a TV show, no two projects tell the same story, and no two stories are the same. The sound of your project plays an integral role in your audience's experience. With music written especially for your project and suited to your needs, the possibilities are endless.

I have always loved stories, and I love collaborating with others to make their vision come true, to create something new together that is more than the sum of their parts. If that's what you love too, I'd love to work with you. Simply click the button below to key in details of your project, and I'll be in touch shortly! Or, feel free to scroll down to check out some of my past projects and read my story of how I got started in all of this.

Selected Works

Exploring Art Series Image.png

Exploring Art Series (2020-2021)

Book Trailers


The "Exploring Art" Series by Cinnamon Art Stories is a series of books, each following an artist on his or her journey. My role in this project was to compose music that reflects the character of each artist the book explores.

by Laura Peh, Cinnamon Art Stories

Music composed by Yvonne Teo


Road Elegy (2016)


Road Elegy is a visually striking and poetic documentary about a mother and daughter, an 18-hour road trip, and the inability to heal.

Directed and produced by Linnea Mae Langkammer

Music composed by Yvonne Teo

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Archival Fever.png

Archival fever



Archival Fever aims to recover narratives, treasures, and life stories from undeserved obscurity.

Executively produced and hosted by Caroline Barta and Amy Vidor

Music composed by Yvonne Teo


the snowman (2015)

The Snowman (abridged) ​was my graduating project from Berklee College of Music. Through this project, I scored roughly 10 minutes of wall-to-wall orchestral music to silent animated picture, and worked with musicians to record my score.

It remains one of my favourite projects simply for the style of the music.

Directed by Dianne Jackson

Based on Raymond Briggs' The Snowman

New music composed by Yvonne Teo



Yvonne's story

My relationship with music officially started when I was four, begging my parents for piano lessons. A year later, I began making up tunes at the piano, and that's when I fell in love with creating music - improvising and composing.

My love for collaborative music came a bit later: I had always enjoyed film music, but it wasn't until I watched Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings that Howard Shore's magnificent score, which organically and masterfully created a signature sound for the fantasy world of Middle-Earth, opened my eyes to the world of music and film.

This new obsession persisted as I explored other films and their accompanying music, all through middle and high school, until I got the chance to apply for the only college at the time that offered film scoring as a major - Berklee College of Music. There I had the opportunity to learn from wonderful and dedicated professors, work with amazingly talented classmates, and live and breathe music - the kind that I had always wanted to create.

An unexpected turn of events brought me into the world of music education and Chinese orchestral work for a few years after graduation. Those years taught me valuable lessons on things I had missed during college, and reinforced my passion for music for the screen - music that tells stories.

This is my story. I'd love to help tell yours through my music.

Work with Yvonne

Work with Yvonne

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